Wall Panel Luxury Acoustic Slat dimension is 120” x 25” (1 Box)


About Our Wood:
We are a well-established manufacturer and distributor of wood veneer, with over 40 years of experience in providing beautiful timber products to some of the most prestigious and iconic brands in the world. Our aim has always been to source the world’s finest quality wood from sustainable sources and maintain a consistent supply.

As a family business with a sterling reputation, we are committed to serving our client’s precise needs by working closely with them from the earliest stages of their projects. Our expertise in grading the vast array of different wood types allows us to achieve consistency for our customers, making it a cornerstone of our daily activities.


The range of acoustic slat wood wall panels is a superbly designed decorative wall and ceiling panel, composed of high-quality wooden strips that boast exceptional acoustic properties. These panels are designed for easy application on both walls and ceilings, representing the epitome of modern styling.

The natural wood range is manufactured with a premium quality, smooth wood veneer finish. Lamella strips with a clean and modern appearance are affixed to an exclusively designed recycled acoustic felt material. The installation process is quick and straightforward, enabling you to transform any space with ease.

These panels are supplied unfinished, and we recommend adding a finish to protect the wood. By applying a finish, you can also alter the color to your liking. Any wood finish can be used, including waxes, oils, lacquers, and varnishes. Upon application, the color and grain in the wood will be instantly enhanced.


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